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Cord Cutting is About to Get 50 Million New Members…

Posted by TronicsCity on

Cord Cutting has never been easier with new streaming services and better over-the-air TV, making ditching traditional pay TV options, such as cable, easier than ever.

Now it looks like millions of Americans are about to join in. By 2018 eMarketer predicts that over 60 million Americans will have ditched pay TV and joined the cord cutting revolution.

“I would call this the calm before the storm, on the brink of a whole new set of services that are more compelling than the ones we have now,” said Cable Analyst Craig Moffett. “You ain’t seen nothing yet in the sense that cord-cutting could be poised to accelerate in the coming year.”

This is a huge jump over the estimated 10 to 20 million Americans who are cord cutters today; however, it still leaves traditional pay TV providers, such as cable companies, with a large base of subscribers.

Even more important is the move by cable companies to put more focus on their Internet services.

“We had the best broadband first quarter in four years because we sped up our Internet fourteen times in twelve years. These are the investments we are making in technology as we’ve transitioned from a cable company to a media and technology company,” said Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. “You can’t predict the future but you can try to be really relevant and unique in that future.”

“What our company is trying to do is make sure we’re really available to customers wherever they go. Some customers clearly will not buy a bundle. Some will want a skinny bundle, and some will take it a different way,” said CEO Brian Roberts in an interview.

Although the future is still unknown it is clear that cord cutting is here to stay and is only getting stronger.

Source: CNBCCord Cutter News