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All the Android Boxes sold by TronicsCity carry a 90 days warranty from the time it arrives to you.

Some problems can be fixed (with guidance) by the customer. If a box is sent back for repair without reasonable attempts by the customer to fix it with guidance, then the customer may pay shipping both ways.

Boxes can be reprogrammed for up to 6 months if needed for free, but you’re responsible for the shipping both ways in this case. Remember you can restore your Android Box yourself as long (as you haven’t done a factory reset on the box) by following the guide in the Troubleshooting and Support guide.

All warranties are voided if you:

1. Open the Android device plastic case

2. Flash the firmware

3. Perform any unauthorized modifications to the system Software or hardware.

Getting Support

Your Android TV box has an App called TeamViewer Quick Support installed on it, which allows it to be connected to and controlled remotely.

As long as your unit is powered on and has an internet connection remote help can be utilized.

To launch TeamViewer, select the TeamViewer icon on your home screen.

The icon looks like this:


Simply give this ID to the person trying to connect remotely and they can connect. Once they connect you will be prompted with a few prompts about allowing access. Simply hit the Grant or Allow option in each case.

If you don’t have internet or your device doesn’t have power, a home visit can be scheduled for local customers.

If it’s a faulty device , and it is within the 90 day warranty period, the device will be replaced at no charge. However, if the unit is working fine but was not set up correctly by the user, a charge will apply (will vary depending on time spent and distance traveled).

For example, if a home visit is made and the issue is simply that the device hasn’t been properly connected to the wireless internet; this would be a case where there would be a charge. There are tutorials available for the user to set these things up.